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  • Our Family Treasures collection it’s the allure of times gone and the nostalgia of something that will remain forever. 


    This collection draws on the history of our ancient rings; the collection is an ode to my grandpa’s most intimate pieces, jewels that has gifted to my grandmother and my mother and I inherit when my mom passed away. It tooks me a while to wear them but I always could feel the weight of the piece. 


    All this jewels are part of our family treasures and today out family grows with you.



    VERMEIL: Certified 925 sterling ecosilver with 0,3 microns of 18ct and two topazes


    SILVER: Certified 925 sterling ecosilver and two topazes


    GOLD: 18ct yellow/white gold and two diamonds


  • Jewelry purchased from Albert Coll is handmade and therefore delicate.


    Different factors can determine the life of your jewellery. Try to clean and treat your pieces properly. 

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