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Océano Collection

Inspired as deep of the ocean, this collection is a

reinvention of the basics, where the ethereal shapes

characterize the designs carefully polished and finished by hand. As if it were the tide, the jewels of this collection give off movement and freshness.

The harmony of this collection is in the combination of wavy and straight shapes creating a timeless pieces with a strong identity. These designs are an intentional statement about essentiality: truth and beauty are found in the balanced.

A collection immersed in a mystical and peaceful aura, reminiscent of clear skies and deep oceans, embracing an ethereal sensibility.

000039 copia.jpg
000014 copia.jpg
000011 copia.jpg
000020 copia.jpg
000023 copia 2.jpg
000009 copia.jpg
000016 copia.jpg
000026 copia.jpg
000017 copia.jpg
000023 copia 3.jpg
000007 copia.jpg
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