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I’m a young jewelry designer from Barcelona. 90 years old.

Handcrafted jewelry since 71 years.

Still in love

That much the same I was

Father of 4 sons

but just one girl

Grandfather of 7 grandchildren.

Once I painted my own house.

They said it was modern.

I still don’t get what modern means.

Once, I developed conceptual jewelry around the world, now I’m just doing the same I did. 

At the age of 27 I worked for my father's watchmaking and when I turned 29 I created my own jewelry shop

At the age of 34 I had two different shops in Barcelona. Some years later, they call me to open a jewlery shop in 5th Avenue, but I don't really think that was my place. I like being home. 

Once I studied art

otherwise I wanted

to be a doctor.

Once I smoke pipe

but they said I can’t do it anymore because I had a heart attack. I saw my wife in a morning and she was extremly beautiful so I couln’t handle it. 

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Captura de pantalla 2017-08-09 a las 15.

GEA collection has a strong point of identity that caused that not everyone was prepared to wear it 50 years ago. My granddaughter really think that now it's the moment. And that's how this personal project started between us.

My first design was a conceptual rood bought by Pablo Picasso. Many of the other jewels that I conceived were also worn by women with an air of grandeur.

We've always had this kind of thing between us that everyone realized.

I gained some awards

And some more

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Actually, I won 12 national jewelry awards and I've traveled from Japan to Paris exhibiting my pieces.

And that's us most of the time

Now, we're doing the same thing we used to do when she was a kid playing with concepts and art around my atelier and I was a little bit younger.

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