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Everloving Collection

The pieces in this collection are inspired by love and autobiography. 


“During my grandpa’s career, all the women that have surrounded us has been married with some of the pieces from this collection. Some of the pieces are originals from the 50s, others designed together, in four hands, and we’ve rescued some old designs that were never produce”


We wanted to create a collection of lines that mirrored all the woman that have surrounded us. Their love, their strength and their sensuality have shaped this collection.  Sensuality and lines have been part of Albert Coll’s jewellery vocabulary.


The Everloving collection explores the journey of  lovers. To dream of  love is remembering those days when we were together, holding each other, orbiting each other in a dance of energies and rebirth. We are the wandering stars; constellating from afar but on the trajectory to coming together. We cross our paths, we’ve share our journeys and we become apart to create greater constellations of ourselves.

IMG_8893 copia.jpg
IMG_9019 copia1.jpg
IMG_9010 copia.jpg

Creative Direction: Mireia Arasa

Photographers Genís Mitjans and  Mireia Arasa
Model Monica Monlloch

Stylist Mar Ribandi
Make-Up and Hair Lara Güell


IMG_8934 copia2.jpg
IMG_9012 copia.jpg
IMG_8929 copia.jpg
IMG_8925 copia3.jpg
IMG_8872 copia.jpg
IMG_8988 copia.jpg
IMG_8956 copia.jpg
IMG_8945 copia.jpg
IMG_8895 copia.jpg
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