About Albert Coll 

Albert Coll is a journey through time and memories. The designs are the result of the designers’s roots and heritage, timeless jewels that are a self-statement.


Seeking our main inspiration from nature,  architectural elements and women in our environment, Albert Coll is powered by the desire of self expression through our jewels. Our pieces mean to be an identity statement, a delicate and intimate jewel that is born from our love. We still believe that our pieces can be worn a lifetime and by future generations.


These jewels epitomize our love and represents a generational leap, a symbol to embrace the resurgence between generations with the same gaze.


Our jewels have a signature style, a feature that makes them unmistakable; their strange beauty. Albert Coll are aimed to be a sign of identity and celebrates art creating elegantly sculptural jewelry. Timeless jewels of exquisite simplicity. The love for detail and the blind experimentation of new materials, colors and shapes are one of our way of expressions. Each collection builds on a vocabulary of clean lines in which the audacity of shapes and materials aim to elevate the everyday and the rare occasion.  


Each piece is unique, we work with individual jewelers and artisans located in Barcelona, who make each piece by hand.



Albert Coll is a 92-year-old self-taught Spanish designer handcrafting jewellery since 1947. Winner of 12 national jewellery awards, Albert was a visionary ahead of his time, a jeweller breaking boundaries.


He launched his eponymous label in 1956 with a groundbreaking collection featuring unique pieces meticulously handcrafted in Barcelona using noble materials. Albert’s love of experimentation with textures, materials, colors and shapes, resulted in jewellery with a sophisticated and strong identity. 


His eclectic inspirations and beautiful designs didn’t go unnoticed, so it was no surprise when he got offered to open a shop on the 5th Avenue in New York City. Albert declined because it wouldn’t feel like home.

Despite closing down his company due to his age, he never stopped making jewellery.

Albert Coll is now relaunching with jewels made from titanium and gold that were considered too revolutionary for his time. Timeless pieces that will last forever.



Mireia was born and raised in Barcelona. After studying cinema and beginning her steps as a photographer, she developed a interest in jewelry design and its craftmanship from Albert. She grow up on the jewelry shop and used to spend the evenings after the school, sitted on a table drawing next to his grandpa while he was designing. They are just now doing the same they used to do, exploring their own world and presenting it to the rest of the world.

The granddaughter has inherited her abilities without jewelry studies and has been responsible for relaunching Albert Coll’s firm.


Persevering in the face of the "forget it, it won't be sold" that her grandfather told her when she proposed to relaunch Gea Collection, a collection of pieces created 50 years ago. Mireia knew that she had, literally, a treasure in her hands.


A generational leap marked by the rescue of Gea collection. Following the success of this collection, grandfather and granddaughter have designed the following collections with four hands. A symbol to embrace the resurgence between generations with the same gaze. Their devotion is mutual. "It is as if he had entered my head and had taken my hands", says Albert and adds: "We have a very special love between granddaughter and grandfather, something that words can’t define but everybody realize.”