Gea Collection

Gea collection was designed 50 years ago and rescued from the jewelry store when it closed for retirement. It was Albert's first collection of titanium and gold jewelry but were considered too revolutionary for his time. Timeless pieces that will last forever.

Persevering in the face of the "forget it, it won't be sold" that her grandfather told her when she proposed to relaunch Gea Collection, Mireia knew that she had, literally, a treasure in her hands. A generational leap marked by the rescue of Gea collection.


Born from our fascination for nature and sculptural forms. How this concepts had come together to create this first collection, imperfect pieces that arise from a craft handed movement, almost intuitive, in which the audacity of organic shapes and materials are a sign of identity. Through a poetic language, the force of architectural elements and nature conceived as life, I focus on the conceptual value of the piece. Always aiming for minimalism and timeless viewed from another point of view.


All pieces are handmade and unique.

The strength of geometric shapes,

neither beautiful,

or ugly,

just naturals

Nature understood as life

as a place to plant roots

and it will always give you fruits of what to eat

and keep growing.