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    This collection is inspired by love, by the rivers that flows as life. During my grandpa’s career, all the women that have surrounded us has been married with some of the pieces from this collection. Sensuality and lines have been part of Albert Coll’s jewellery vocabulary.




    VERMEIL: Certified 925 sterling ecosilver with 0,3 microns of 18ct gold plated and a mix of baroque and freshwater pearls. Hand crafted in Barcelona.


    SILVER: Certified 925 sterling ecosilver with a mix of baroque and freshwater pearls. Hand crafted in Barcelona.


    This piece is handcrafted in Barcelona for you and the production time is between 2-3 weeks before we'll send it to you.


    Jewelry purchased from Albert Coll is handmade and therefore delicate.


    Different factors can determine the life of your jewellery. Try to clean and treat your pieces properly. 

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