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I’m a young jewelry designer in Barcelona. 91 years old. Handcrafted jewelry since 71 years. Self taught. Winner of 12 national jewelry awards. Father of 4 sons. Grandfather of 7 grandchildren.

"Once, I developed conceptual jewelry around the world, now I’m just doing the same I did but feeling that is the correct moment for my pieces."

Albert, is a 91 years old jeweler, still designing from a small atelier that he made in a room of his house that faces the terrace. My grandpa was one of the greatest jewelers of the 50’s, handcrafting jewelry since 1947. Winner of 12 national jewelry awards, my grandfather was a visionary ahead of his time, a jeweler breaking boundaries.


He launched his eponymous label in 1956 with a groundbreaking collection featuring unique pieces meticulously handcrafted using noble materials. Albert’s love of experimentation with textures, materials, colors and shapes, resulted in jewellry with a sophisticated and strong identity. His eclectic inspirations and beautiful designs didn’t go unnoticed, so it was no surprise when he sold pieces to Pablo Picasso or got offered to open a shop on the 5th Avenue in New York City. Albert declined because it wouldn't feel like home. Despite closing down his company due to his age, he never stopped making jewelry.


Together, with her granddaughter, they have relaunched Albert Coll brand with a collection that features conceptual jewelry made 50 years ago.


Pieces that were kept in his wardrobe and were only recently discovered by Mireia, the pieces are the stock of a collection of titanium and gold that left me without words. Pieces that weren’t sold because there were considered too modern for that time. He’s a visionary and she's completely sure that now is the time for people to wear them and show them off.  


"I think I always had this kind of sense of aesthetics that escape from time and death.

Immortal pieces beyond your skin that are expression in themselves."

We’re available for new comissions. 

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