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Create a piece of living history or a commemorative piece of art to honor the life of a loved one.



Beyond custom

 Celebrate the individuality of you by sharing more about you and your story, this process gets much more personal as we collaboratively craft a piece

of art as an ode to your living  history. Muse is a great option for those who are willing to surrender to the artistic process and go a bit deeper.


Let’s create something  for you, an ode to your past, present and future. Share your story and personal iconography.

This service include a questionnaire that is used to inspire the final result, a jewel that incapsulates through symbolism and metaphor, you.

There option to add on a one on one meeting to go deeper in discussion of you piece.

Tell us about your dream jewel

More than ever, we need something to last and hold on to. Something that does not disappear into nothingness. BJØRG's work is rooted in creating one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the beauty of imperfections. Her designs are far from the expected, yet fascinating over and over again. She works intuitively, yet thoroughly to create wearable art. Unique pieces that reflect your individual path.

We all have a different story that makes us uniquely different from each other. We create one of a kind pieces that reflects your path. The jewellery can be shaped from a conceptual idea, through sketches  where each piece is always different from the last. See examples and inspiration below and send us a request

See inspiration and examples of our customize jewelry

Items for your final piece of art will be chosen based on what you shared and picked especially for you. 

After purchasing please fill out these questions as a starting point.

Shipped 3 months from time of purchase. No returns, exchanges, or refunds.


Send us your inquiry by completing our Request Form or by e-mail to with title BESPOKE

Please include any thoughts and inspirations you may have. Feel free to attach images to illustrate your ideas.

We recommended that you look through our past bespoke projects, as well as our current collections. This is a good way to gather inspiration, and get a taste of our narrative.

Once we have received your request you will be assigned with one of our Bespoke experts who will collect all necessary information. This includes ring size, preferred metal, stone selection, your budget (ect.) and general  inspiration.

When we have settled on the above, we will ask for your advance payment before moving forward.

All the gathered information will be sent to Albert Col, for her to start the creative development process.

Each Bespoke process is different, and will be uniquely tailored to you depending on the complexity of the design, your time-frame and budget.

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