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I’m a young jewelry designer in Barcelona. 90 years old. Handcrafted jewelry since 71 years. Self taught. Winner of 12 national jewelry awards. Father of 4 sons. Grandfather of 7 grandchildren.

Visionaire. He declined opening a shop on 5th Avenue, because he did not know

which was that street. Once searched on Google and not found.

Once, I developed conceptual jewelry around the world, now I’m just doing the same I did but feeling that is the correct moment for my pieces.


My collection of homonymous jewels, established in 1956, has an emphasis on organic silhouettes and the conceptual value of the piece in which the simplicity of timeless, forms and materials are a sign of identity. They say that all of my pieces have the power to travel through time and space, that’s why I've always been in love with jewelry. Because it’s an infinite art that never dies. Fearless pieces looking for a logic through design. 


Albert Coll jewelry represents the love for the detail and blind experimentation on new materials, colors and forms. "Everywhere I look at, I can recognize the beauty of shapes." Each piece is handcrafted in Barcelona by traditional craftsmen using noble materials. All the jewels that I'm going to launch are conceived more than 50 years ago, I found them in my closet when I was forced to close the jewelry shop. Many pieces were not sold because people were not prepared to wear them, they were too transgressor. I'm completely sure that now is the time for people to wear them and show them off. 


I think I always had this kind of sense of aesthetics that escape from time and death. Immortal pieces beyond your skin that are expression in themselves.

I’m available for new comissions. 

Say Hi

+34 680 163 755

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